Boost Your Facebook Strategy with SEO: 10 Must Do Tips

Facebook with SEO

2.9 Billion Users – If Facebook was a country, it would rank 3rd most populous nation right behind China and India. 

Facebook is one of the most used social apps on a daily basis. It is almost mandatory that every business thriving from online marketing has a page on the platform. The power to reach such a large audience at scale is fascinating, but it is not true for most business pages that are struggling to garner an audience.

Lack of relevant content, public interaction, or not having your profile optimised with SEO. – There could be a myriad of reasons why your profile isn’t reaching its truest potential. 

We are here to fix it! In this article, we will explore in depth on how SEO can optimise your facebook strategy and 10 must do tips to boost your profile!

Why SEO for Facebook matters?

SEO for Facebook

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Facebook? Well, yes this combination has brewed many success stories when they are used hand to hand in a brand’s marketing strategy. 

But can it be useful in boosting one’s Facebook strategy? Absolutely.

Facebook is a social interaction platform. People are connected to their closed ones and follow topics that interest them. If your product falls into the category of similar interests, you already have an established audience – you just need to reach them.

SEO will help you create that bridge to reach them. It can be combined and effectively used in your facebook strategy to garner the audience that can be converted. 

How to Improve Your Facebook Strategy with SEO

There are certainly numerous ways to optimise your facebook strategy with SEO, here are some of the must do tips to get started.

Pick a Solid Profile Name Related to your Business

SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) of Facebook is where people will look for your business. Your Profile name should reflect your business hence, pick a name that caters to it or the relevant field. 

The algorithm of the platform loves relevant keywords hence, try to mix a combination of your business name and the thing you are selling.

(Business Name) + (Keyword) = Increases your chances of getting discovered.

Eg. Brothers Plumbing. 

One way to elevate this is to add an external keyword featuring your service, location etc. so that algorithm can know what your business is about and recommend you when searched for relevant service. 

Something like – ‘Brothers Plumbing – Sydney Plumbers.’

You can also just prefer labelling your brand name in the profile as it is completely natural, prefer adding the formula given above when you think your business is common or have multiple brands having that name already.

Secure your Vanity URL

The moment you create your page, you will be handed over your custom URL which is a bunch of letters, symbols and numbers.

Make sure to change this into your own Vanity URL. They are customised web addresses that can be changed.

To create it, Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Page Info’ -> Enter the URL in your username -> Click ‘Create Username’. You can only create your Vanity URL once, so choose wisely.

Facebook Profile Settings

Optimise your About Section

Your About section is your short introduction about your brand, what service you provide and it is one of the first things your visitors will notice as they land on your page.

It plays a huge role in convincing the visitors to follow you as it lands the first impression of what your page is all about before they surf through your content.

Make sure you sprinkle some relevant keywords all over the section and don’t make it too robotic. A simple rule clearly, the more visitors that convert into follows – the more FB will boost your profile. Utilise your arsenal cleverly.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research has been an essential digital marketing tactic in any brand’s SEO strategy, it’s a powerful tool!

It can work wonders for your FB profile too – By identifying which keywords you want to target on your page, you can get recommended whenever someone searches the keyword in the platform or Google.

You can better use tools like Google Keywords Planner or reach out to a reliable google agency Sydney that can do the job for you. 

Incorporating Keywords in Your Page

The list curated with all the essential keywords can be now used in your content strategy for FB Profile. 

Now, where can you plug them?

Your about section, captions, name, headlines, descriptions, comments and updates are potential areas where you can plug them.

Remember to use them strategically and not stuff them multiple times. Use quality keywords and don’t sacrifice them by spamming them too much.

Keep it sounding naturally, The algorithm will understand it better and recommend your profile in SERPs.

Back it up with Backlinks

Backlinks are important as it gives your page a badge of authenticity and credibility. In simple terms, they are links from other sites linked to your profile.

Add your websites, other related sites, your blogs, online stores, collaboration links and many more on your link section in the about us area.
Remember to prefer high quality links as they are more natural, credible and will help you more than low quality links which can damage the SEO. You can use popular backlink quality checker tools to test if it is reputed or not.

Deliver SEO – Rich Content

SEO Content is your biggest playground when it comes to optimising keywords in your page. Utilise your caption areas by writing high quality copies backed with strong keywords and incorporated with useful links which can be used as CTA (Call to action).

Remember to don’t spam them and keep it free flowing and sounding natural.

End the captions by inserting information on different ways your audience can reach out to you. I.e. Contact number, website link, CTA to DM, and mentioning other social media handles. 

Use quality hashtags to fuel the content for more reach. You can also add in a location that is reliable with the content piece.

Add Relevant Contact Information

Note that you have relevant contact information such as address, phone number, email and websites mentioned in your FB page.

Having these sections filled up actually benefits the SEO to recognise you as a trusted profile that can be recommended.

Make it easy for people to reach out to you, with this you can easily secure your leads and deliver quality customer service, hence improving the SEO of your page.

Research Your Competitors

Facebook is a content saturated place, which means coming out with original content ideas is relatively harder because someday, sometime, someone has already done it – but this doesn’t mean you can take inspiration and do it better!

The best way is to look at what successful brands in your niches are doing and get inspiration. When you know what your competitors are doing, you can strategize better on it and improve the SEO.

Create Fun content your audience wants to consume, Stay upto date with the latest trends in your niche and post at peak times of usages. Your organic growth can easily be boosted if you put Content as your priority.
We understand for brands this can take significant time hence you can hire an individual or a facebook marketing agency Sydney for your whole social media marketing.

Utilise Tools for Facebook SEO

There are a number of FB’s own tools and third party analytics tools that can help you monitor your page’s growth. 

Facebook’s own meta business suite is your go to insight tool for all the information on your page. You can track the reach, get insights on which posts are performing better and track your follower’s growth. You can even schedule your posts and get insights on your Instagram handle as well.

You can use Google Analytics to track the traffic on your page and see exactly where it is coming from. 

Other third party social media apps can help you manage your content and track the performance.

Utilising these tools essentially can work wonders for your page’s SEO as they are highly insightful.


In Conclusion,

FB is a great platform to start your brand’s online presence journey and boost it with the power of Search Engine Optimisation.

You can utilise the Facebook Marketplace if you deliver products or use the page to brand your products and garner an audience.

These effective tips can completely elevate your social media strategy. If you haven’t hopped on this platform already, it’s never too late!
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