Why Google Ads Should be in Your Digital Marketing Mix

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Google Ads, Formerly known as Google Adwords is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising for any business, big or small. To curate the whole procedure in simple terms – You write an ad, place a bid, launch the campaign, and wait for leads to roll in, yup it’s that simple with few more add ons.

Along with your complete marketing mix including local seo services, Google ads should be a part of it considering the power it holds as a marketing investment. So, what are Google ads and why is it so important? 

In this article, we have explored the concept in detail along with getting you started to create your first successful ad campaign in 2024.

What is Google Ads?

Google ads can be used to target the relative prospects searching relative terms in your industry on Google. 

It is a bid based online advertising platform that runs across Google search engine and relative company partner websites. It can be run in the form of image with text description, video format, banner ads, Youtube ads, and many more. 

It is one of the largest forms of digital advertisement distributor with over 80% of Aussie businesses prefer Google ads for their PPC agency Sydney investments.

How Google Ads Work?

It runs on a pay per action pricing model which is calculated in the form of cost per click (CPC), basically paying for everytime a viewer clicks on your advertisement.

There are numerous factors that influence the price as it varies from how many brands are currently targeting the specific keywords like you, the expected reach, date and time, search volume, etc. 

There are mainly three bidding options you can choose from – 

  1. Cost per engagement (CPE) – You pay every time a viewer performs an action on your ad.
  2. Cost per click (CPC) – You pay every time a user clicks on your ad.
  3. Cost per mile (CPE) – You pay per 1,000 impressions.

While kick starting your promo campaigns, make sure to allocate a dedicated budget for investment. 

The Budgeting is where you have to fix the amount of bid you are ready to invest. Make sure to observe the value click for the ad and always invest more than that. For instance, if your max bid is $3 but Google has suggested the value of the click is $3.25, then your ad won’t show. So make sure to set the budget to at least $3.26 for it to properly perform.

The best way for beginners is to set the daily budget and let Google optimise your individual ad bidding.

Why should Google Ads be in your marketing mix?

Advertisements are a powerful tool. You can make your brand’s voice be known in the market, make your product standout by curating an eye-catching campaign and get a surge of potential prospects that can be your future leads. 

Now take this same mix, and imagine you are not just promoting to everyone but a dedicated sales pool of prospects who are actively searching for products in your niche. Now, that is very powerful considering you are directly dealing with leads that know about your industry or niche and are actively interested in buying your product or a service, all you have to do is to intrigue them in reaching out to you. That is the power of Google Ads. 

Learn more about our expert tips to utilise it to your advantage, Here are the top reasons you should include it in your digital marketing mix –

Reach a Potentially Larger Base with Similar Buyer Intent 

Google operates 5 billion searches daily to almost 90% of the internet users, showing over 2 million websites which is an insanely huge market in itself.

Filter out your specific audience by creating personalised targeting via changing demographics, interests, economic filters,etc. and tap into a ready made set of prospects that shows similar buyer intent to your relevant niche or industry. 

You can also retarget them on different websites which can be a great brand recall tactic that allows you a surge of high quality traffic. 

More leads for the Investment 

This holds absolutely true considering Google ads is one of the hotshot lead generation strategies for clients with dedicated ad budget spend. 

Other platforms focus more on letting your brand get known in digital space such as Twitter or Facebook ads where users can be exposed to your campaign when they are just casually surfing. Google adwords work differently where it shows to the ready to buy sales pool of prospects that are actively searching about the things relatively to you niche on different websites, you can target their attention and convert them faster. 

This results in more lead generation for your every minimal cost per acquisition, making it a better platform.

Know your competition better and Outplay them 

Under the auction insights, Google actually allows you to see what competitors are you competing against for the relative term search. You can get some idea on how much they are spending, strategy changes and how your campaigns are stacking up against their promotions. 

Deep data such as specific keywords they are bidding on to your overlap rate which shows your chances of overlapping your competitors can also be found which are incredibly helpful to garner useful insights.

How to Create a Google Ad Campaign in 4 Easy Steps 

1. Open your Google Ads Account

Opening your official account is the very first basic step. Just visit the official site and enter the necessary details such as –

  • Enter business name
  • Enter official website URL
  • Link your Google Business profile or Youtube Channel
  • Fill out billing information 

Don’t worry if you don’t want to immediately get started, you can set up a simple campaign and pause it right after your profile is successfully created. To launch your official brand advertisement, follow the next steps. 

2. Get started with your First Campaign

You will be introduced to the official page where you can find a bunch of cool features, you can also be given a guide to get started with it on the homepage itself, refer it for more guidance. You need to find the option saying New Campaign, Click on it to get started and select your primary objective. 

New Google Ads Campaign

Proceed to select the campaign type you want to focus on. You can target users exclusively from search, display, shopping, Video or Performance max which basically curates it for audiences from all the forms available. 

Google Ad Campaign Type

3. Set your Bidding Strategy 

Once you have your objective and ad format set, you can tell Google how much you want to invest in running them and for what you need to optimise for (Clicks, leads, views, etc.)

You can specify your target cost for action but however, it is recommended to leave it off as Google itself can make the most economical choice for better ROI on your investment.

Google Ad Bidding Strategy

4. Create and Publish Your Ad

Start off by targeting the type of prospects you want to reach. Customise location, languages, interests, custom audiences based on demographics if you have advanced knowledge on it, etc.

Create your Ad that you want to run. You need to do proper research and spend time on curating the strategy that is more likely to give you more conversions. 

You need to create individual ad groups where you have to mention following things adequately – 

  • Keywords you want to target
  • URL
  • Upto 15 headline options 
  • Upto 4 descriptions
  • Images 
  • Sitelinks 
  • Callouts or CTAs
  • Additional details

Know that it’s completely okay if you don’t fill out everything as you can always refine it after launching the campaign later. Just get something out there. 

Overview the layout, look for any changes if needed, and publish your official ad campaign out in the wild!

Google Ad Campaign Launch

Here are some expert tips to run a successful Google ads campaign –

  • Focus on headlines as you can roll upto 15 of them at once to see which ones work better, so try to squeeze its potential and use powerful, short and strategic lines that matches the intent. 
  • Experiment more and more. Know that the advertisement is all about running the tests and figure out which is more likely to outperform. Get new ad copy, graphics, creatives, and captions and shuffle them regularly. 
  • Clear cut and on point call to action (CTAs) should be used to allow the viewers to do exactly what you want them to do. 
  • Keep the data of which campaign test has outperformed more and which has failed to convert, this can allow you to be precisive in your future tactics to target your next set of customers. 


In Conclusion, 

Along with elongating marketing strategies with your trusted seo sydney specialists, Consider tapping into the potential of Google ads to give you laser focused targeting of potential sale leads that allows you to take your brand’s goals further in the future. 

Looking for a reliable adwords agency sydney? Our professionals specialise in generating high ROI for your every dollar spent with industry leading advertising tactics that generates sureshot results. Contact us today to get started.