Is Content still King of New Age SEO in 2023?

Is Content Still King in 2023?

In the ever- changing world of digital marketing, the phrase ‘Content is King’ has stood the test of time. Coined by Bill Gates in 1996, he accurately predicted that the next big thing that will be crucial in generating an audience, get mass – consumed and can be monetised is ‘Content’ across the web. 

Fast forward to more than two decades later, the search engines have gone through many changes in their algorithms. Now, placing a heavy emphasis to User Satisfaction and Relevance. 

But the question is, Is Content still supreme? Adding some hyperbole, the answer is a Colossal Yes. 

It has evolved through certain dynamics with the change of time. It still however is an essential mantra for Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

How has Content evolved?

From its humble beginnings with rudimentary HTML Pages to today’s intricately designed Multimedia Experiences, Content has always been at heart of User Engagement.

As the information age took flight, the algorithm has always evolved to prioritise High Quality Content and delivering better User Experiences. 

Gone are the days of the early internet where websites could game Search Engine and litter it with low quality or irrelevant content stuffed with keywords.

It has only made Websites realise the importance of delivering genuine content to visitors to rank at center stage in Search Rankings.

So, Is Content still King?

There are reasons why this term still echoes in Digital Marketing and holds a crucial place. But why is it so important?

Well, Here’s what we think:

1. Enhances User Experience:

Well crafted and informative content will always outperform others. Such Genuine and valuable pieces of information delights users to engage longer on your site. If they are left satisfied with the knowledge, they are more likely to share it to Social Media Handles or link it to other sites. This Increases the Positive ROI of your website, increases reach and boost your SEO Potential.

2. High Quality Content Drives Organic Traffic:

Organic Traffic remains a goldmine for any Brand’s SEO. The only way to get a piece of it is to attract it with highly engaging and relevant content through Articles, Videos, Tutorials, Newsletters and many more which provide value. Website visitors who land on your page organically by discovering your website from putting relative search queries will continue to grow overtime.

3. Brand Reputation:

Quality Content will instill an essential factor in establishing your brand’s reputation – Trustworthiness. Consumers look out for a variety of information to educate themselves before making any purchase. If it exudes credibility and relevance, they will return to you for your advice, your point of view, your recommendations. To attain this level, you have to be extremely authentic.

4. Turn Readers into Potential Leads:

No Doubt, it is an effective way to convert your average reader into a lead. Studies show that 89% of Marketers used blogs in their Content Strategy. 

Considering blogs are the second most common media included in SEO Marketing Strategy, First being Video Format. It Explains why brands are dedicating more than 41% of their marketing budget in creating blogs.

5. Generates Backlinks:

Producing top notch valuable content makes users more likely to link back to your website. If it is interesting and informative, other sites are also likely to link your site. This is Positive for your SEO Strategy which increases both your credibility and visibility. 

How To Optimise Content Efficiently in 2023?

Times have changed, With the evolution of people consuming content, Content has also evolved through certain phases.

Content Marketing in 2023 is all about Storytelling.

A Well Curated 1-2 Article with maximum output of information will outperform 8-10 Poorly Structured ones.

Here are some helpful tips to help you optimise most out of your content:

1. Short Form Video takes the crown in 2023

As much as we love our Long form content, Short form Video is the new wave and it has constantly been growing since 2019. SEO Agency and Brands need to brainstorm how creative they can get with selling in a span of 30-60 Seconds. We back our statements with stats, Here’s why it is a new wave:

Social Media Facts

2. Add more Visual Elements in your Content:

Information backed with visuals such as images, infographics and data graphs will catch the eye of the reader better and keep his attention longer. According to B2B Marketing, posts with visuals are 94% more likely to be viewed than those without it. 

3. Being Authoritative Sells.

Thought Leadership holds enormous value. If you want your voice to get heard, Create authoritative and insightful content on a consistent basis. Taking Unique Stands, Backing up with solid reasons will stand you apart. It is a proven way to amass a following of like minded individuals. Your Brand can actively establish itself as an industry expert and thought leader in your relative niche or industry.

4. Create Content that Google Approves:

Google Uses Artificial Intelligence. Their algorithms have come a long way since their inception, with particular importance placed upon understanding user intent. Gone are the days of shallow or over-optimised content: AI rewards pages that provide informative, well-structured material  which are genuinely useful to users.

  • Don’t Stuff Keywords.
  • Pack as much information as you can.
  • Good Content → Reader Trusts You → Google Trusts You → High Rank on SERPs.
  • Understand that this is a long term game.
  • Loading Speed + Interactivity + Visual Stability = Better Web Metrics.
  • Use Long Tail Keywords.

5. Consistency Solidifies Rankings:

SEO Agency and Brands have realised this is a long term game. High Quality Content Marketing Strategy solidifies your brand’s future of growth. Creating good resources is only a part of the war plan. Getting Consistent with it is the real deal, The Bridge that will lead you to better rankings on SERPs. This doesn’t mean churning out mass ‘useless’ pieces, prefer a small rate of value packed blogs at a thoroughly consistent pace. 

Yet, you may still find articles on the web if you search the same which takes a slight stance on Content not being King Anymore.

We get it too, There is a lot more than Content in Digital Marketing. SEO Agency specialists run their strategies including other factors for driving leads and higher rankings. We have curated some points the other side makes which makes sense but boils down to one thing: Robotic and Cheap Content will fail miserably.

  • According to a Business Grow Article, Company Content will diminish in a few years, User Generated Content will be preferred. We admire what our friends, family and influencers create, it will seem more interesting and relevant.
  • The Way Content is sold is more important than the Content Itself. It should provoke thought and action and express relevance to the interest of the viewers, Reports a Forbes Article.

This is all true in a sense, but it has largely evolved comparatively.

Today’s Consumer will consume media in all forms: Interactive, Audio, Image or a Video. 

All the more tools for SEO Agency and Brands to figure out what works best for their Marketing Strategy.


To Conclude all of it, 

Content is here to stay.

And with the new age of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, it is only going to evolve. New ways of Content being produced, Newer ways of Content being Consumed. 

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