How to Drive High Quality Leads with SEO : A Guide

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Lead generation and SEO is a powerful combination to curate an effective marketing strategy for any business, whatsoever niche. 

No business can survive without leads. It is a process involving several methods to cultivate the audience’s interest and convert them into customers. Similarly,   Lead generation SEO is a tactic that intakes two different apex strategies to drive quality leads.

According to a survey, the average conversion rate of website landing pages across all industries is 9.7%. Hence, this is a long term process of constantly engaging the audience with SEO tactics to generate effective prospects for conversion. 

In this article, we have explored several tactics you can implement for effective lead gen seo.

Why SEO is Important for Your Business’s Growth?

In a nutshell, SEO is optimising website content via business related keywords, web content, images, internal linkings, technical optimisation etc. 

To know more about the topic, refer to our complete guide on search engine optimisation.

By refining webpages to be more search engine friendly, you are more preferred to rank higher on SERPs and highly likely to get recommended from Google, Bing, etc. for relative search queries. 

  • It is crucial for your business as it fuels your brand to get more online visibility. It drives more organic traffic where you have a chance to convert your site explorer into a potential customer or a sale. 
  • A successful SEO campaign can climb your site to higher rankings on Search engine ranking page (SERPs). This means more traffic from your targeted area and maximises your lead generation process.
  • With right SEO Sydney, you can adapt to the best marketing tactics and be able to boost your conversion better. This is extremely important as sites can get adequate visibility but it’s still not profitable unless they can convert. For instance, Local SEO experts can make a small business’s site more user friendly by adding a small contact now button on the top of the site. This is done for better accessibility.

The Lead Generation Techniques

The Lead Generation process includes several techniques that work in an order, more like a funnel. From optimising the mediums with better content strategy, attractive user experience, etc. to methods to close a client successfully. A broader view of the whole functional process may look like the image given below. Here’s a short summary of the entire process – 

Lead Generation Process

  • It all begins with getting the attention of your potential prospect. You can use different mediums such as blogs, guides, websites, social media channels, etc.
  • An important stage where your prospect connects with you via different CTA methods – an image or a button of a website as an instance.
  • CTA then takes your prospect to a landing page, a newsletter or a form. SOLD! Your prospect has now become your client. Sustain him and deliver quality results.

Boosting Lead Generation with SEO: 6 Effective Tips

Search Intent Keyword Targeting

Creating content is not enough, You need ways for people to discover your content. By effective keyword research, your site becomes favourable to get a huge share of organic traffic from search engines such as Google.

Keywords are terms that indicate a user’s search input related to their queries. By targeting specific transactional keywords, one can solidify its stance as a top result for the related searched term and secure a healthy share of organic traffic.

Keyword targeting when done right, can be a solid marketing strategy that produces sureshot results. 

One can do it all by himself, however this is a time consuming procedure which can be handled better with the expertise of a reliable seo sydney agency.

SEO Friendly Content Strategy

According to a study, 71% of marketers report that content marketing has become more important to their organisation in the last year. 
Content marketing is extremely important and takes a similar level of strategizing for its optimisation. Content is still the undisputed king.

content marketing

Great content piece is not just a blog crossing the 1000 word mark with a few pages linked. The copy should be packed with relative information, creative copywriting and relevant linking. 

  • Make your content user oriented. Identify what users are searching for and provide the information.
  • Make content that is relative to your niche and industry. This can also help in tracing and presenting the information better.
  • Make user oriented content, and SERPs will favour you to rank higher. Hence, acquiring organic traffic becomes easy.

Content strategy varies from different brands and industries and can be personalised accordingly. A simple two step format goes from creating the content and distributing it.


Now Content can be in any form, as long as it provides information. It can be in the form of – 

Blogs – Blogs are a great way to capture the attention of readers. Create blogs informing about your product. If a prospect searches for the problem your blog already provides information for, you can get more clicks.

Landing Pages – Landing pages are a great way to brief your prospects about your company and your product/service. You can funnel them from relevant CTA’s and close them on the spot.

Visitors Page – A simple page informing about your company, your services or products and other general information regarding what your company stands for. This can be in a form of presentation, flyers, ad pages, etc.

Formats – Figure out what type of content you will provide. Is it in the form of how to guide, did you know facts, solution guides, promotional content, video or audio form, newsletters, etc.

Once you figure out the type of content you will provide, figure out a way to weave your product/service into it. 


A brand has a choice of several different mediums to distribute the content. One can specify the main and subsidiary mediums to target its potential customers and make the content accordingly. Some of these are mentioned below – 

Website – A primary medium which should definitely be in a brand’s lead generation strategy as it benefits SEO. Through website, product and blog content – it can easily distribute their relative information.

Social Media – The power of social media marketing lies in the potential of exposure it provides. It is unmatched and hence it makes a prime contender platform for your brand to get heard, visible and amass a dedicated following. Turn to a reliable social media marketing agency for a sureshot SMM content strategy. 

Blog media – Blog media such as company’s website, blogger, LinkedIn, Medium are great options. You can also publish newsletters via email or through platforms such as substack.

Remember to optimise the copies with SEO for better rankings on the SERPs.

Fix your Website’s Loading and Response Time

Website loading time affects your SERP rankings. It is to be noted that the average loading time of the first page on Google is 1.65 Seconds. The chance of bounce back goes to 32% if the page load times are around three seconds. It is detrimental to lose so many visitors because, in spite of all the effort you put into the business website, you are losing them before they ever get there.

Here are some tips to help boost the page responsiveness and loading speed – 

  • Optimise your site to be mobile responsive which is a huge market.
  • Fix broken links and update them regularly.
  • Optimise the outdated content and images.
  • Get rid of all unwanted plugins and scripts.
  • Don’t overcomplicate the User interface.

SERPs like Google especially like smooth and fast responsive websites hence, research more on your website’s performance and improve it.

Optimise On Page Content

The marketing efforts will not deliver results unless you fail to deliver enough content for people to care about your product or service. 

Enhance site’s user experience by not only design but also content that is easy to read, delivers all the information required and is easily accessible.

The following list of on page essentials should be remarked for its quality and make sure they are updated – 

  • Meta titles of the pages.
  • Meta description of the pages.
  • Keyword density of the relevant copies.
  • Relevant image tags and info.
  • Clear headings and subheadings (H1, H2, etc.)
  • User oriented copies with relevant information.
  • Quality interlinkings.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can access the complete site data and identify which pages have a higher bounce back rate to take into account of all the necessary actions to be applied.

Leverage Link Building & Other SEO Practices

Link building is an effective lead generation strategy. It is a SEO technique to acquire links to your site from other relevant platforms which is also known as backlinks.

The strategy requires dedicated time, efforts, research and various ways such as writing copies, outreaching influencers, solving queries and other different entailing costs of utilising backlink tools.

This allows the desired reader to link back to your website and become a potential prospect. Moreover, it also helps crawlers to better recommend relevant results on SERPs. 

Quality backlinks greatly aid in boosting a website’s ranking in search results and make an impact in acquiring organic traffic.
Other SEO practices such as enhancing GMB (Google my business), social media marketing, local specific keywords etc. helps a lot in curating a successful lead generation SEO strategy.


To conclude it all,

Using Search engine optimization for your brand’s lead generation technique is beneficial and rewarding! It can constantly help you get robust traffic and then use an effective closing strategy to nurture your leads, deliver quality results and sustain them for longer!

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